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We have 20 years of experience.

MArruecos Aventuras has proven experience in Morocco Private Tours.

Each new trip with you is a new and rewarding adventure for Marruecos Aventuras.

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A team of expert locals and native tour planners dedicated to your comfort.

Marruecos Aventuras it was born as a way of bringing the life and customs of Morocco closer to those travelers who are interested in experiencing something different. With Morocco Adventures you have the opportunity to get to know in depth the great variety of landscapes and the often surprising hospitality of the people of this nearby country.

We have a wide variety of offers so that you can enjoy your holidays, as well as a developed ability to adapt to your individual needs so that your stay in the Maghreb is as similar as possible to what you had dreamed of.

Marruecos Aventuras and responsible and sustainable tourism: Tourism has enormous potential to act as a development tool and contribute to the empowerment of women, local associations and all those groups that fight for more equitable social development.

We are convinced that involving the communities; By preserving the environment and promoting cultural exchange and coexistence, we will ensure that our trips have a real impact on development (Not surprisingly, a large part of the Aventuras Morocco team is local people from communities in the deepest part of Morocco). That’s why…

Marruecos Aventuras is part of La Kasbah Solidarity Trips

An association of young professionals from Erfoud, the gateway to the desert, who intend to develop community actions and put responsible travelers in contact with the communities that may become beneficiaries of their projects. All the trips organized by Marruecos Aventuras respect the rules of Responsible Tourism, but, in addition to that… we collaborate with the Kasbah Association in the design of more committed and supportive cultural trips. Our intention is to disseminate and reinforce as much as possible the philosophy of authentic responsible tourism, making special mention of respect for the environment and the appreciation of local culture as a force for true positive change in the world.

One Day trips and trips to Marrakech from airport transfers, getaways and excursions around Marrakech, short stays in one of the charming Riads.

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Our driver-guides have traveled extensively in Morocco and know every corner of the country. You can trust his knowledge and enthusiasm to show you the best of Morocco.



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