Moroccan Cooking Class With Different Spices

Gastronomy is in fashion, Moroccan cuisine is one of the most diverse and exquisite in the world. Many people return from Morocco, wanting to learn the delicious dishes they have tried on the trip. Why not take advantage of the trip to learn them and practice at home when you return?

Our cooking workshop begins with a visit to the souk to the fresh food and spice stalls. There we will mix with the locals and we will be able to get to know the most typical products of the area up close.

After the tour of the market we will go to the Cooking School, where we will combine our products to prepare a complete menu with the most typical dishes of Moroccan cuisine: Moroccan salads, harira, tajine and couscous among other delicacies that we will learn to cook. The most advanced will be able to dare with more sophisticated dishes such as pastries or Arab pastries.

In addition, preparing the tea and serving it as a whole ritual according to tradition.

Are you vegetarian or vegetarian?

Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian, because you will be able to cook your own version of the menu.

To consider

Price: 55€ per person from 2 people.


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